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Hey everyone, I'm Taliya! Or Taliya Michelle as my mom likes to call me. 

Quick Fun Facts:

-I'm adopted
-I took a DNA test a few years ago and discovered by biological family
-My favorite color are blue and purple (and grey, of course cause like it goes with everything)
-Every other week I go to a paint-and-sip at a local restaurant 
-My favorite food is spaghetti (anything Italian really)
-Related to Italian food, I am also Italian and Irish as well as Western African
-I'm addicted to Netflix and Hulu (Handmaid's tale anyone?) 
-I work at AccuWeather full-time as a Digital Video Producer, too

This isn't a typical love story. We were best friends first. I met Jon with a group of friends at the arboretum at PSU. It was my senior year, and his freshman year. He spent 3 years in the Army as a medic. We quickly became best friends. We spent so much time together. After about 8 months, my college graduation, and a lot of quality time he asked me out. But not in any sort of normal way of course. I kept a diary through college (if you don't already have one, I highly recommend it), and of course I fell head over heels for this boy like maybe a month in? We just work together so well, and I wrote that down, along with some other embarrassing thoughts. He came over to hang out and when I left the room he found my poorly-hidden diary and read the chicken scratch that was my feelings for him. I came back and he just asked me out (hint: I said yes), then he said he had a confession. When he told me I was beyond embarrassed, but he was so amazed that I loved him so much and said he had been denying his feelings far too long. And here we are 2 years later, and I love him more, and more every day.

Read Between the Lines

My hair my change, my clients will change, my home location may change, but one thing that never will is my slogan. Making Memories for Life has been my slogan since day 1 and will always stay that way. I don't just do this for an income. I have a passion for photography, and also a passion to make people happy. You know that feeling you get inside when you can't stop smiling or laughing? That's how I get when I deliver photos to my clients. Once they see how beautiful they really are they just get this genuine bliss emotion. They have a real smile on their face because they love the photos that I take of them. You'll never see my photos over-processed, with plastic skin or even body sculpting. My aim is to capture the true you to give you memories for life.

Making Memories for Life

This is my cat Lionel (pure luck that he was actually looking at the camera). He's a rescue we adopted in March of 2018. He was a bit of a handful at first, but he's come around to love us as much as I love him. Fun fact, I'm allergic to cats, too! 


You can almost always catch me at one of the karaoke nights at a local bar. I've been in karaoke competitions, too. My favorite bands are, Michelle Branch, Lana Del Rey, Joseph, Melanie Martinez, Meg & Dia, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, the Fray, Sara Barielles, Imagine Dragons, and Florence & the Machine.

Singing & Music

One of my ultimate goals is to write a novel series, and some day I'll finish the dystopian novel that I started writing! But I also love reading, too. My favorite books include, the Hunger Games Series, The House of Night Series, Vibes, Percy Jackson Series, and the Maze Runner Series that I am currently reading.

Reading & Writing

I'll be honest, I'm not great at video games. But they are so beautifully done nowadays, and the stories they tell are very good. I love playing them with my boyfriend. My favorite game is the Sims series, hands down. I also love playing the Last of Us, Until Dawn, GTA 5, Star Wars Battlefront, and Farcry Primal.

Video Games

You can't get me away from a TV, and with all the new streaming services, options are endless! Cartoons & Crime Dramas are my favorite but of course I will watch nearly everything. The Simpsons is hands down my favorite. I also love Rick & Morty, Doctor Who, Law & Order SVU, the Blacklist, Black Mirror, and so, so much more. 


I collect Beanie Babies. I've loved them ever since my dad bought me my first bear as a kid. I have hundreds. Literally hundreds and they are on shelves all over my home. They mean the world to me because they all have a different "personality" and each have their own story. 

Beanie Babies

My Favorite Things


I have more than a dozen siblings. I understand how family is important and capturing those moments are even more so. I offer a Family package that fits the needs of however large or small your family is. 


I want you to be a TM Grey Bride or Groom! TM Grey Photo wants to be a part of your special day. I offer wedding packages, as well as packages for couples at all stages in their relationship.

Everyone needs a quality head shot. Whether it's for Facebook, LinkedIn, your resume, or hey even Tinder, your profile photo gives your audience that 1st impression of who you really are. Let TM Grey Photo help you with that.

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Lydia S.

"Thank you Taliya for taking stunning photos of my husband and I. We loved how you made us feel completely comfortable and always had positive, upbeat energy. We can’t wait for another session!"

Michaela B.

"Taliya is such a bright and positive person to work with! She's open to new ideas and works with people on whatever they have envisioned for their photos. My senior pictures were better than anything I could have hoped for, plus she got them all to me shortly after our photo shoot!"

Joy A.

"Thank you Taliya for capturing all the special moments during our vows ceremony and reception. You were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend your services! Thanks, Joy."

Jimmy W.

"Taliya is an excellent photographer that definitely knows what she is doing. She makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, which is key to a good photo. Highly recommended."

Pallavi E.

Wish there were more stars to review! It was such a pleasure to work with TaliYa. She took advantage of the light after a downpour and selected wonderful spots for a head shot. Her fun interactive nature relaxed me and I had a wonderful photoshoot experience.

Happy Notes