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Currently, I reside in State College, Pennsylvania with my boyfriend Jon and cat Lionel. A native to the area, I grew up surrounded by family photos. My parents had a professional photography business, Infinity Photography back in the days of film. My friend asked me to do her senior photos and after my parent's business was closed for nearly 20 years, I started my own. Fun fact, I chose "Grey" because I'm a nerd and I love Jean Grey - she's my fave X-men. 

I'm not just a photographer, I also work full-time at AccuWeather pursuing my love of television as a Video Producer Editor. I also paint, sing, read, watch tv and movies, and host the occasional game-night with my neighbors.

What I love most about photography is how I get to make people feel beautiful in their own skin. When clients tell me how good they feel with such a big, genuine smile, I know in that moment that everything I have been doing is worth it.   

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Cats. All of the cats. I have two, a family cat named Mya that lives with my parents, and Lionel, who lives with Jon and I. He's a rescue we adopted in March of 2018. He was a bit of a handful at first, but he's come around to love us as much as we love him. 


Singing and Karaoke! You can almost always catch me at one of the karaoke nights at a local bar. I've been in karaoke competitions, too. My favorite bands are, Michelle Branch, Lana Del Rey, Joseph, Melanie Martinez, Meg & Dia, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, the Fray, Sara Barielles, Imagine Dragons, and Florence & the Machine.


Reading & Writing. One of my ultimate goals is to write a novel series, and some day I'll finish the dystopian novel that I started writing! But I also love reading, too. My favorite books include, the Hunger Games Series, The House of Night Series, Vibes, Percy Jackson Series, and the Maze Runner Series that I am currently reading.


Video Games! I'll be honest, I'm not great at video games. But they are so beautifully done nowadays, and the stories they tell are very good. I love playing them with my boyfriend. My favorite game is the Sims series, hands down. I also love playing the Last of Us, Until Dawn, GTA 5, Star Wars Battlefront, and Farcry Primal.


Television. You can't get me away from a TV, and with all the new streaming services, options are endless! Cartoons & Crime Dramas are my favorite but of course I will watch nearly everything. The Simpsons is hands down my favorite. I also love Rick & Morty, Doctor Who, Law & Order SVU, the Blacklist, Black Mirror, and so, so much more. 


Beanie Babies! I collect Beanie Babies. I've loved them ever since my dad bought me my first bear as a kid. I have hundreds. Literally hundreds and they are on shelves all over my home. They mean the world to me because they all have a different "personality" and each have their own story.


Painting! Every other week I go to a local bar & restaurant to do Paint with Jackie. It's always something different and I literally have dozens of paintings all over my home. I have them for different seasons, too. It's one of the few things I take the time to do because art is therapy for me. Even if I'm not with friends, it keeps my creative energy flowing. 


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